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7 Party Starters for Opening Night with The Chainsmokers

December 28, 2018 | Written by Amber Galdamez & Kimberly Koehler

The Wind Creek Steel Stage at PNC Plaza becomes #ClubMusikfest when GRAMMY award-winning EDM duo The Chainsmokers visit Bethlehem, PA for opening night of Musikfest 2019! Known for their many chart-topping hits, the band is sure to get you off your seats and on your feet. To get you pre-gamed for The Chainsmokers at Musikfest on August 2, we put together a bangin’ list of The Chainsmokers’ summer party jams that will kick off the ‘fest!

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“Closer” ft. Hasley

The first number one single for not only The Chainsmokers, but also for Hasley, provides a fantastic representation of the band. The build to Andrew Taggart and Halsey’s vocals harmonizing during the bridge is powerful due the catchy synth melody building throughout the song. This unforgettable and expressively progressive song will make everyone pumped for the start of Musikfest.

“Something Just Like This”

This collaboration with alt-rock band Coldplay was another chart topper for the Chainsmokers. It’s lively piano chords brilliantly build up to the classic EDM drop. The Chainsmokers showcase their synth-magic and talent with this jump inspiring party starter for opening night.

“Don’t Let Me Down” ft. Daya

This collaboration between the Chainsmokers and powerhouse vocalist Daya will not disappoint (or let you down, to be more specific). Their first single to hit top 5 on the Billboard Hot 100, “Don’t Let Me Down” has it all–heartfelt and relatable lyrics, killer vocals from then 17-year-old Daya and of course, a speaker-shattering beat drop. If you weren’t singing this song at the the top of your lungs at least once in 2016, it’s not too late.


One of the more subdued offerings from The Chainsmokers, this track will probably make you want to pack your bags, don a beret and book the next flight to Europe. Redefined by the Chainsmokers themselves in their lyric music video, Paris is: “a sentimental yearning for a reality that isn’t genuine” and “an irrevocable condition for fantasy that evokes nostalgia or day dreams.” So yes, that random flight to Europe is total doable.


Showcasing the band’s roots of electronic dance music, this break out hit is sure to get any crowd ready for a great show. This great song illustrates how superficial parts of our culture have become while celebrating our “selfie” culture. “#SELFIE” introduced the world to The Chainsmokers and how to laugh at ourselves a little.

“Sick Boy”

Leaning toward more of a synthesized-pop sound, rather than their typical EDM “beat drops,” this Chainsmokers song will make you want to sway melodically to the beat, with your lighter cell phone raised in the air. With lyrics like “how many likes is my life worth?” this song touches on the need to feel accepted by the world–even when acceptance may come in unrealistic forms, like popularity on social media.

“This Feeling” ft. Kelsea Ballerini

“This Feeling” is another song by The Chainsmokers showing their diversity. The songs feature the iconic synth-pop music of the band with a little country twang sprinkled. A solid blend of vocals with Kelsea Ballerini and leader singer Andrew Taggart during the chorus calls for singing out your heart. This song is sure to help you get into the Musikfest “feeling”.


Wind Creek Steel Stage at PNC Plaza

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