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5 Brad Paisley Songs with Summer Vibes to Beat Your Winter Blues

January 14, 2019 | Written by Alicia Rohrbach, ArtsQuest Senior Marketing & Sponsorship Coordinator

The colder temperatures already have me dreaming about warmth, the beach, outdoor concerts and sunshine. Unfortunately, winter has barely started, and summer is still months away – but I can look forward to my tickets to see country music superstar Brad Paisley during the final night of Musikfest on August 11! For now – I’ll have to hide in my apartment where I can adjust the temperature, count down the days until Musikfest, and crank up these Brad Paisley songs.

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“Beat This Summer”

Ah – summer love! This is the song to listen to when you want to reminisce about past summer loves. This is the perfect song to add to your summer soundtrack and the video was shot on the Santa Monica Pier in California – so you can watch it and imagine its summer (even if there’s snow outside).


This song might be the anthem of my spirit animal – which is surely a mermaid. I am one with these lyrics – “and so began my love affair with water”. Give me some shades, the sun, and take me to the beach (or the pool, or the lake). Like immediately.

“River Bank”

Water and summer are pretty much synonymous (see above) – and “River Bank” is another must to add to your summer road trip playlist. Can’t take a road trip? No problem – take a trip to river and grab an innertube and spend some time with your friends. The video will also surely give you summer vibes. Have I mentioned I miss the sun?


You probably are wondering what a song called ticks has to do with summer? Or maybe you’re taking it literally and you don’t – or you’ve heard the song before. This tongue in cheek number is all about grabbing your person and checking them for ticks in the moonlight (if you know what Mr. Paisley is saying).


While not technically a summer song – we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention “Alcohol” in our summer songs. Almost as synonymous with summer as water is your Musikfest mug! And for those who are of age – what better beverage to fill it with. Add this to your playlist, grab your Musikfest mug, fill it with your favorite beverage and dream of warmer weather in August (I already am).


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