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Kendal Conrad: Music Discovery Series

February 4, 2021 | Written by Kendal Conrad & ArtsQuest Staff

Photo by Jim Trocchio

Congrats, you’ve found your way to the Music Discover Series! ArtsQuest prides itself on introducing your ears to new bands and artists. So while the music touring industry is mostly on hold because of the pandemic, we’re giving some of our musician friends the chance to share what music they’re hyped about. A mix of up-and-comers, artists that inspire their craft, deep cuts, the classics…oh, and their own tunes!

In this edition, get to know the musical tastes of Kendal Conrad! The pop-country singer-songwriter hasn’t let the pandemic slow her down! Conrad has played live stream shows for seemingly every major organization in the Lehigh Valley over the past year. Her biggest career moment (so far) was performing live on stage with Keith Urban at Musikfest in 2014.

Phoebe Ryan

I’ve been following Phoebe for a few years now, and I’ve been waiting for her to blow up. She has a really unique voice, and her songs are super catchy.

Whitney Houston

Whitney is the biggest influence on my music. I would sit and listen to her for hours before trying to imitate all her riffs and runs. This song will always be super special to me. It was my first “big girl” solo in the 6th grade for our middle school’s DARE graduation.

Taylor Swift

This is the song that not only made me want to be a songwriter but made me feel completely in love with country music. A girl my own age who plays guitar and writes her own songs? I was so inspired. I taught myself how to play guitar and soon afterward started writing my own songs.

Ariana Grande

I love that Ariana Grande has such a quirky personality and on the flipside, her music is so sexy. She is a great example of how female artists should not have to play to stereotypes. This hook is definitely a lyric I wish I had written.

Judah & The Lion

This one was definitely a gamechanger for me. I am a big fan of pop and country music, and Judah really mixes elements of pop and folk brilliantly. It’s twangy, it’s hooky. It’s the best of both worlds. I really like artists who refuse to be put in a box.

Keith Urban

I hear this song, and I am immediately transported back to Musikfest: I’m singing with Keith Urban in a sparkly dress and having the time of my life. Forever grateful for a such a magical moment.

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