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7 Incubus Hits for Your “Drive” to Musikfest

March 13, 2019 | Written by Ben Youngerman, ArtsQuest Marketing Manager

Two of summer’s best thrills: Musikfest and road trips! As you get ready to cruise to Bethlehem to see Incubus at Musikfest on Wednesday, August 7, we figured the SoCal vibes of the multi-Platinum band would make the perfect road trip playlist, whether you’re driving five hours or five minutes to get to Musikfest.

So grab your keys, plug your phone into your speakers and blast these Incubus tunes on your way to the Wind Creek Steel Stage at PNC Plaza…


The obvious start to this road trip mix. “Drive” was #1 on the Billboard Alternative Rock chart and reached the Top-10 of the Billboard Hot 100.


The lead single off of 2001’s double-Platinum Morning View album will make you feel all the feels. Blame your tears on allergies from the pollen coming through your A.C.


Time to get the sentimental thoughts out of your head by banging your head down the highway to Incubus’s heaviest hit, nominated for a “Hard Rock Performance” GRAMMY in 2005.


Did you cut off someone on the road? Cue up this appropriately-titled first single from the double-Platinum album Make Yourself.


“Meet me in outer space…” is the perfect lyric for a nighttime drive. Just don’t space out and forget to signal when you switch lanes.


You’re not letting life pass you by, because you’re living it to the fullest on your way to rock at Musikfest!


You’ll dig this 2007 track off of Light Grenades as you park in your spot and get ready to enjoy all the ‘fest has to offer!


Wind Creek Steel Stage at PNC Plaza

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